Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's been a busy couple weeks ever since we returned from our Summer Staycation.  Usually, Summer is slow for me at the shop; this year, not so much.  I haven't even been able to return to some of my personal projects like my review of the Creative Entrepreneur book and my Sky Scarf (I think I left off in May...gah!)  This past weekend was a very busy Christmas in July event in town.

Which was funny because we had placed orders of a lot of holiday craft supplies so early and only a couple things arrived in time.  My vendors are nearly driving me batty as nearly EVERY order of Fall and Christmas merchandise is back-ordered.  I guess its a sign of the times but manufacturers are not stocking extras of anything and this is causing everything to arrive way later (and the big box stores already have those items on their shelves).  I know a lot of people remark how they hate seeing holiday merchandise early, but you have to understand my customer may visit my shop once in the entire year...I have to show them everything I've got and hope they take advantage of it.  In fact, it usually takes a person up to seven times seeing something to make a decision about it.  Big Box stores get this as you pass those Christmas trees in August on your way to get the milk and bread.  So, I'm glad once again that I work with local artisans as I've already started to get some Fall merchandise in from them.

I've also spent this year collecting some really amazing vintage Christmas items - including linens, which I will debut in August.  And in the midst of all this insanity, I agreed to create a follow up pattern to my Downton Abbey pattern.  I seriously never do custom work; I totally use the cancer card when anyone asks but a very sweet person inquired and it gave me a really good idea to it's in the works!  Also, I'm late to the Spoonflower party, but oh my goodness...what amazing things you can do with this service.  I received my first samples back (more on this later) and they are just lovely!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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