Friday, June 15, 2012

British Invasion

Somewhere between Flavia de Luce novels and Downton Abbey, I lay blame for my renewed adoration in all things English. And then of course, there was the Diamond Jubilee this month and soon the Olympics in's so exciting, I've adopted a tea time ritual at the shop most evenings. Pausing over tea, I've realized quite a few projects this year have been inspired by these events. My popular Downton Abbey cross stitch pattern, released a few months back might be my favorite. Not far behind, is my Union Jack Pillow...this one I made for myself; I have some tweaking to do before I release it for sale in the shop. My newest favorite, though, is a one of a kind tote. I had the luck to find a vintage fabric embroidered with a whimsical London street scene including Big Ben, a double decker bus and Buckingham Palace gates. I added some lovely bead work to the front and sewed into a useable bag.

What are you doing to celebrate the latest British Invasion?

--Lisa LeBlanc

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