Friday, June 29, 2012

Bee Minus: The Backyard Bee Count

Do you remember my previous post about the Backyard Bee Count as I mentioned here.  I planted Lemon Queen, an exquisite pale lemon sunflower and one of my favorites.  Last year it was a bee magnet; this year, I'm sad to report that I've not had ONE bee visit.  20 feet away on my cucumber flowers, I've seen one or two carpenter bees...but that's it!  Sad for sure and the rest of my garden is suffering...few tomatoes and no squash.  I may try to plant another crop of sunflowers and see if our bee comes a little later in the season.

Luckily for us, though, someone's having a lot of luck with their garden!  Marie brought me a ton of canned goods after she left the farmers' market this weekend.  Blueberry Ginger Jam, Squash Pickles, and Blackberry Spiced Jam (my favorite!).  I can't believe she had any left from the market, it's now at the shop unless I consume it all...which, possible!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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