Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Lose A Blog Reader For Like Ever...

I love blogs, I love reading them, pinning their pics, sharing their stories on my Facebook feed...I even have my own!    Blogs are and always will be such a great storyline curated by individuals that connect us to their plights and victories.  We learn, we laugh from all this sharing and maybe, at least from my experience, feel a little less isolate in the world.  So, I was somewhat shocked to find one of my favorite blogs (that I've followed for many, many years now) Yvestown, has begun to openly solicit "donations" to repair her roof.  Part of my dismay, is that, as she has stated, has no financial burden to remedy this herself .  As quoted from her site,
I have to say that I'm not poor and that I'm capable of paying for my own roof.

She wants people to contribute because she runs an "ad free" blog and she has shared her ideas with thousands of readers for years.  Um ok, I always thought she was a bit quirky but seriously?  She has 5 "sponsors" to the right of her posts...most posts since the new year feature something about each of these sponsors.  Also, in the beginning of the new year she completely deleted years worth of beautiful, charming blog posts.  So, even if I were to "donate" for all her hard work blogging, I can not even go back in her archive and re-read anything.  I'm all for monetizing blogs but be honest when you are doing it.  Please.

Lastly, my biggest disappointment is in her choice to use the Paypal "donate" button.  Apparently, you do not have to be a non-profit or charity to use this button according to Paypal (because I did indeed look).  So, it is just in poor taste, especially with so many people legitimately needing help.

Yvestown, seriously you are lucky to have a roof over your own head.  I'm publicly imploring you to honestly donate any money collected for your roof to a legitimate charitable organization.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. I wouldn't have been bothered either until she got annoyed at people for saying they didn't agree with it.

    I used to love her blog but now.......meh.