Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garden Report: Spring Fling

It's not even officially Spring and it feels as if it is already fleeting down South.  We are nearing temperatures in the 80's and the pretty delicate spring blossoms are beginning to wither already.  I snapped these images last week when the wisteria was in full bloom.  We do not have lilacs this far south but wisteria in full bloom makes up for this...and it smells heavenly too; even the bees agree.  We also have our "banana plant" tree in bloom; it is actually a type of magnolia and what is considered a heritage plant.  We are lucky to have one and quite a huge one at that; in the evening it perfumes the entire yard with a banana-y scent, hence the name.  This year, to my surprise, both of my citrus trees are in would be awesome if they actually would bear fruit.  I think the last time I saw fruit was when I bought them six years ago!  *fingers crossed*

So, Mother Nature has put quite a show on which means I really need to get my yard in order.  If I do not get some vegetables and herbs started I will be one unhappy girl this summer.  Also, we've been planning a wine bottle border around our large garden.  And sadly, the only "gardening" I've been doing is emptying the bottles.  Hopefully, next weekend we will begin and we better hurry as it's only going to get hotter!

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--Lisa LeBlanc

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