Monday, January 30, 2012

Sky Scarf: January

Before New Years' Day, I announced this year's resolution would be a project; the Sky Scarf to be specific.  I knit 2 rows of a garter stitch a day to reflect the day's sky.  Out of all the resolutions I've made in my 30 some-odd years this has been the easiest to keep and most rewarding.  Starting January 1st, I've kept a record of the days; it has really amazed me how many times I've nearly forgotten to look up at the would not think you could miss it, but I now think how many times (and days) must have been unnoticed by me.  Also, I was delighted in my first rainy day when I could finally add grey!  Early this month, I went out of town and it just was not feasible to take the sky scarf (and all it's balls) so I worked out a little portable "kit".   I snipped a piece of each yarn and taped it to the yarn label.  I carried my "kit" along while I was out and noted in my calendar which yarns to use when I returned home.  If you are curious, I'm using Caron's Simply Soft; I think I saw someone else using this on the flickr site; It's not as pretty (or as expensive) as the recommended yarn but it is soft and has a lot of shades of blue.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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