Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Sky Scarf

Here we are at the tail end of 2011; seems appropriate to start talking about some resolutions right?  This year I'm forgoing the guilty feelings of exercise and eating healthy (not that those aren't worthy things to strive for...I'll do my best...I promise) I'd just rather be crafting (oh yeah!)  So a few months back I stumbled upon this conceptual knitting project called the Sky Scarf Project.  Simply, you knit a row for each day to match the color of the sky you perceive.  By the end of 365 days you should have a 5' scarf and a pretty rad record of the year.  Figuring I need to brush up on my knitting and it's not a huge daily commitment, I'm hoping to start this day ONE 2012!  I'll start today by gathering excited!

To find out more, snag a pattern and join me check out Leafcutter Designs.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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