Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making Books: Coptic Stitch Binding

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="274" caption="Bound Coptic Journal"][/caption]

I think books are way hot and as if I do not have enough to read, quite possibly bordering on an addiction with the written word, I've decided to make my own.  I was really inspired by the above journal (for the record...totally not my work...but imho, knock down gorgeous that inspires me to create).  So began my research to find the best resource on how to create a coptic stitch journal of my own.  What I found was a treasure trove from the helpful artists' collective of Booklyn, who to quote their website:
Booklyn’s staff works tirelessly to put books in the hands of the people and to encourage the people’s hands to make more books.

Within their helpful site is and education manual detailing how to bind all types of self-made books including the Coptic Stitch.  What a wonderful resource!  The directions were really helpful in my first attempt, but I always kind of do my own thing (which made a so-so journal) but it was amazingly fun.  I love flipping through and seeing all the fun papers I collected bound together waiting to become something new!  Now what to write?

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Oh I'd love to see some of your work! I've been toying with trying to make my own stitched notebooks for AGES, so thanks for the resource links :)

  2. Hey Emily! I am thinking of a follow up post with a few of my own journals...right now I'm just having fun collecting weird scraps of paper and trying to get the stitch down. Booklyn is an awesome resource...can't believe I happened on it AND that there are others out there as obsessed with book as I!