Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hardware Store Jewelry Tutorial

Jezebel featured this great tutorial project of re purposing hardware store finds into jewelry from their DIY series.  Though its not a new concept of picking thru a hardware store for inspiration (which can sometimes be more dangerous than being lost in a craft store because...Oh the possibilities!) and these designs are loosely based on Lanvin's 2009 Fall collection (I actually like Jezebel's reinterpretation much better), its a fun project challenging us to look at materials in a new way.  Here's how to make your own from Jezebel:

For this project, all you'll need will be parts from a hardware store in the desired dimensions and quantities, plus ribbon — I used a mixture of velvet and organza ribbons, to vary the texture and transparency — and a set of scissors. Straight pins and a needle and thread are optional; you can either sew or knot your ribbons together. Obviously, the key ingredient here is the hardware store stuff: I used mostly pipe couplings from the plumbing section of my local hardware emporium, but you could go heavier on the nuts, washers, incorporate some chains, or choose to work only in one color metal depending on the look that you want. Go for what inspires you.

This project is dead simple. First, lay out all the hardware store bits in some approximation of how you want your necklace to look.

String 'em up.

Knot or sew your ribbons together at the desired length. (For a Lanvin-inspired touch, you could make little bows out of your ribbon, and stitch them over your knots.)
Bam! Necklace. I'm into how the ends of the copper couplings that are bent tuck inside the pipe couplings that are straight. That gives the necklace a kind of neat articulated look.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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