Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative Girl Book Group: Chapters 15 and 16

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It's amazing how when you have resolved to keep moving forward, though the obstacles seem insurmountable, you can find the stamina to keep moving forward.  I have had the chance to begin dabbling in custom invitations this week and it has been fun just to play.  As you have probably heard me mention in the past, I love children's books.  So the idea of making some fun invitations geared towards kids is a nice fit.  Of course I did not come up with this on our own.  This is the beauty of etsy and its convo system.  Sometimes you get requests to try JUST TRY.

So onto Chapters 14 and 15 of the book Creative Girl by Katharine Sise.  Chapter 14 deals with getting your ducks in a row tax wise and setting up your business whether it be as an LLC or sole proprietorship.  There is a gem in the midst of this chapter about where to go to find out what's deductible for your business: search and look up "Schedule C" to find a checklist for write-offs.

Chapter 15 tackled the myth of the Starving Artist and really challenged me to think of ways to become a THRIVING artist.  What jobs am I willing to take that offer exposure but may not offer money.  At the same time, which jobs am I willing to take that may not work in my passionate realms but help supply monetary resources to keep the business going forward.  I love this bottom line:

"You have to pay attention to and pursue what's sellable about your creativity if you want to make a living." (p. 235)

-Robin Norgren

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