Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creative Girl Book Group: Chapter 17

We are finally at the end of the book.  Chapter 17 is the last 'OFFICIAL' chapter that focuses on HOW TO in building your business.  The last chapter is more of a recap.  I will make sure and share more on that next week.  Chapter 17's subtitle is "You Are Your Own Publicist."  I love this section of the book.  Katharine Sise, the author of Creative Girl: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Talent and Creativity into a Real Career, goes into the differences between marketing, advertising and publicity.  I have to admit I thought marketing and advertising were synonyms.

On personal branding, Jane Lauder, General Manager of Origins (One of my FAV companies!) says:

"Creating a brand is like creating a story and there's value in telling your story over and over again.  Sometimes you're too close to your product and what you may think is repetitive hasn't even scratched the surface of becoming clear to your customer.  It's vital to get feedback so that you're sure your message is shining through. "

This one piece of information has prompted me to begin meeting every Wednesday with two other local business women and FOCUS ON branding.  This fits nicely into Wednesday's post transition since the completion of the book is next week.  I am super excited to get started.

Anyone else out there picked up this book and begun the process? I would love to hear!

-Robin Norgren

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