Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Creative Girl Book Group: Chapter 13 and 14

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I mentioned over here I did a craft show over the weekend.  It was a complete bust.  I put my all into the transformation of my 2009 table to reflect where I envision my business to be moving towards. Unfortunately, I will have to admit that in all the excitement, I did not ask enough questions.  What I found when I arrived at the venue was that the environment was filled with resellers and with people who represented companies like Pampered Chef and Scentsy, both wonderful companies but not necessarily the same group that would be interested in what I am offering.  I also did not question the fact that one of the two days that I paid for was Friday during the day and not only that, but the shutdown time on that day was 6pm - wouldn't this be when the shopping begins?  Again, I did not take stock of the amount of wasted energy and unproductive hours and unprofitable use of time something like that would ultimately be.  I left there completely aware that I would not be doing these types of settings again.

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So the lovely thing about all this is that Chapter 13 of Creative Girl: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Talent and Creativity into a Real Career by Katharine Sise challenges us to structure a business plan.  I had put one together while working through this book  but this weekend's event was a great opportunity for me to go back and rework how I will take my work to the public.  I truly want to expand past the Internet but the reality is that shows like these run anywhere from $45-80 just for space, and many times the vendor also has to give back 10% of sales.  So it is a no brainer that I need to be more selective with my decisions in this area.  Interestingly, this chapter also talked about having an "Exit Plan" for your business in the event things turned out to be unprofitable.  I will tell you honestly that I was really taking stock in the WHY of my business this weekend.  This was on the heels of the potential government shut down which would have affected all military families not getting paid so this was NOT a fun weekend.

Chapter 14 got into the specifics of HOW to set up shop, addressing issues like logos and trademarking as well as business policies and customer service standards.  This Chapter ended with some straight talk on really defining the type of boss you want to be.

I KNOW! JUICY stuff, right?

-Robin Norgren

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  1. This book sounds good though I think that I have an addiction to books & have already read a bunch on this subject or have a bunch of unread ones. I love researching & organizing -sometimes to my own detriment because it keeps me from taking action. Sorry to hear about your craft fair experience though it gives me things to keep in mind for when I attend one as a seller. I am really enjoying getting to know you!