Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks

Healing Hide a Heart

For the last six months I've been in a new club...not one I ever imagined I would join; the cancer club.  As a 36 year old with no family history of cancer it was an incredible shock and through the past months, I've just been on autopilot...had surgery, recovered, had radiation therapy, recovering the fact that this just happened is settling in.  I have a few things on my side; I'm seeing the best docs at MD Anderson and they feel they "got it" but I quote "it was a significant pathology" as they say, with a high rate of recurrence.  So, I'm left finding a way to deal with living with the possibility that I may go through this once again, or several times.  Fortunately, being in this "club" there are survivors that have been so gracious to me and I hope eventually I can be like them and give back to those newly diagnosed.  One such kind lady, an 18 year survivor of head and neck cancer (like me) sent me this beautiful purple healing heart!  She makes this lovely hearts; called hide-a-hearts...because they are tiny enough to stow away with you in your pocket.  I've always been a big fan of her work so I was incredibly surprised and humbled when I found her sweet package addressed to me! It meant a lot and that little heart will stay right with me on my journey, especially as in the next couple weeks, I return to MD Anderson for my first follow up and scans.  The purple color signifies healing, which I didn't know; from her blog, Mary Catherine writes:
Because it is located at the top of the color spectrum and associated with the seventh chakra, purple is a color for galvanizing the center of the body to facilitate connection with universal energy vibrating at the highest frequency. Purple is the color of healing and strength.

I hope it works, but knowing people understand intimately what you are enduring has power too; I feel less alone in this battle.

If you would like to send your own Hide-A-Heart to someone in need, Mary Catherine has a wide selection to choose from and for variety reasons (or just because!); please check out her website:
Hide A Heart button

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Beautiful and moving. Keep the faith Lisa, I know so many are pulling for you. (BIG HUG)

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