Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy Crystal Pendant Tutorial

Are you like me?  You have hundreds of tutorials bookmarked for future reference for when some magical opportunity arises that you have the supplies handy, not to mention the time?  Well, for about a month or two, I've been going back and forth to this cute tutorial to make a Crystal Pendant from Little Birdie Secrets.  It looked super easy and had a very high end French vintage look which I'm all about, the problem being I couldn't find the stinkin' crystal (kind of essential).  They reference a store I've never heard of that doesn't sell it online; in fact no one does that I could find.  I even searched at antique shops but you need a new piece with a flat back to accept the paper.  Low and behold, I did find it at Micheals last week, after I did about three passes thru the beaded jewelry section.  They even sell it with the bale attached, so it was a win/win for me.  Once I had the key piece, it was extraordinarily easy to put together and I've been getting compliments every time I wear it out!  Ok, here's the tutorial and pictures as listed on Little Birdie Secrets with my notes in bold:
You will need:
-a crystal pendant (this one is from Connie Crystal-Stacy bought it at our local Ben Franklin) or glass tile remember I found it at Micheals under the brand BEAD GALLERY
-a pair of scissors
-patterned paper make sure it is heavy duty so it's durable and doesn't tear in the application process
-a pinch bale (Stacy bought ours at Ben Franklin) included in the Micheals pendant
-A clear crafting glue like Diamond Glaze, Crystal Effects, or Glossy Accents
-a chain (any length you like, we chose 24")
-a pencil
First, pick out a patterned paper that you love. The possibilities are endless; you should have seen us trying to choose one! Once, you have chosen, trace the pendant on the paper and cut it out with scissors.

Add some Diamond Glaze / Crystal Effects / Glossy Accents glue to the back of your pendant. Use sparingly, if you add too much it will bleed out the edges after you press the paper on.

Now press your paper face down on the back of the pendant so it can be seen through the other side. Press firmly to release any air bubbles.

Once it it firmly in place, you can trim any excess paper from the sides with a pair of scissors or Exacto knife, and then file with a nail file to make sure there is no paper sticking out. Be careful not to file the crystal--it will scuff easily. To protect the paper, we suggest applying a thin layer of Diamond Glaze to the back of the pendant as well.

Here is how mine turned out; I just love it!  I only could find two pendants but I want to collect a few more as I think this would be a super easy craft night with a few friends or make awesome gifts!

crystal pendant tutorial

--Lisa LeBlanc

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