Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creative Girl Book Group: Chapters 3 and 4

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I have read plenty of creative business books.  With all of that reading,  I should have reached a point where I have a solid formula in place for running a business.  Alas, this past week I again came to some realizations about how I am spending my time.  I will admit it.  My prices in my shop for my items have not been in line with the reality of how much time and care I take to give each individual who chooses to purchase an incredibly special connection.  So what tends to happen is I rush around with my mind all over the place because there are not enough hours in the day for the way I run my shop and the way I price my goods.  Does that make sense?

Ok so onto the book.  Which actually I have been talking about I guess since this all came as a revelation to me as I was reading chapter 3.  This chapter challenges you to find your "Creative Happy Place."  Truth be told, if your creative energies are no longer flowing beautifully into the other areas of your life, you (I!!!) need to redirect my focus.

Chapter 4 challenges you to take those revelations you got from chapter 3 and write down a clear plan of action on how to regroup PLUS encourages you to begin seeking out mentors/peers and asking them for assessments of your work and the direction you desire to take with your business.  I know!! This book is rocking.

So this morning, I already feel lighter, having given myself permission to take back my creative business and work it more efficiently.  Anyone else got some revelations this week? Leave your comments and/or share your blog link where you discuss this section or any other section of the book.

(FYI: The book is Called Creative Girl: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Talent and Creativity into a Real Career
by Katharine Sise.  Feel free to join in.  I blog two chapters a week on Wednesdays)

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