Friday, May 6, 2011

Putting the Crazy in Cat Lady

A few weeks back, I was reading my copy of Crafternoon, and nearly gagged when I ran across the author’s suggestion to use cat hair as filler.  Now I really love my cats (all four of them), but I can’t really say I’m a fan of their hair and never contemplated using it in my crafts.  So, when I saw a pre-order for Crafting with Cat Hair, I started to wonder if this was some burgeoning trend where crafty cat ladies are rising up and shouting from the roof tops “hair balls be dammed…I’m making something cute!”  For all practical purposes, one quick search shows this is a definite trend with a handful of blogs popping up and even a Facebook site.  I have sinking suspicion that when Crafting with Cat Hair releases November 1st, 2011,  solitary Cat Ladies will unite and rise up, reveling in their new found craft acceptance.

If you are one of those crafty cat ladies or just curious, the publisher has asked for help collecting donations of cat hair for an upcoming project:
Our two cat loving crafty ladies want you to send in your cat hair. That's right. Send in some cat hair and make sure you include your cat's name and photo. When the book's publication date gets closer, I'll feature several of your proud, hair-donating kittens on the (soon to be) re-launched Margaret and Katie may even make a little framed portrait of their favorite kitty, to be published online for the world to see. We'll see how much cat hair we get.

Send your bags o' cat hair to...

Quirk Books
C/O Margaret & Katie
215 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

--Via Catsparella

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Really? That's pretty "out there." Might as well use it for something, though.

  2. yes, I would think that IS the ultimate in recycling LOL

  3. Wow - I always thought of myself as a bit of a crazy cat lady...but THIS is definitely going too far! LOL (and yet I bet it will be a best-seller!)