Thursday, May 12, 2011

Handmade Blankets for Tornado Survivors

In late August 2005, I witnessed the awesome power of Mother Nature: Hurricane Katrina.  In one day, thousands lost their lives; even more their homes, jobs and way of life.  It took three weeks before authorities would allow me to enter my neighborhood a little north of New Orleans (fortunately only minor damage at my home); however, my office where I worked had been decimated by wind and water damage.  It took years for me to resettle my life, eventually pulling out of the New Orleans area and making roots (or as I like to say it…a Nest elsewhere).

Now, when I see natural disasters on the television or online, I know exactly the desperation and heartache they are experiencing.  And like you, I want to reach out to help but often I am unsure of what is needed and how I can help.  That’s why I love Craft Hope.  Craft Hope is a voluntary organization connecting crafters with those in need.  Their purpose is simple; promote a love of crafting while instilling a desire to help those in need.

Right now, Craft Hope is running a new project: Project 13, creating security blankets for the tornado survivors of the recent deadly outbreak in the Southeastern U.S.  They are asking for any handmade, machine-washable blanket from infant to adult sizes.   A 26” x 28” blanket is perfect to swaddled a newborn and if you need a quick template, here is an easy one off their site: Take Along Quilt

The deadline for this project in June 15th

Please mail all completed blankets to:
Jessie Rayot
255 Centre St Apt 6
Nutley NJ 07110

And if the craftvism bug has caught you, please check out Craft Hope’s book for more fantastic ideas and tutorials to give back to those in need.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Awesome idea! Thanks for the info.

  2. Some Cuddle Quilts will be coming your way soon. I, too, know first hand the power on Nature. I lived in New Orleans for 33 years until August 29, 2005 when my job, home and everything else was taken by Katrina. Now I live a reinvented life in another city out of the hurricane zone. My heart goes out to victims of the tornadoes. And thank you for receiving the blankets.